Week of March 13-March 17

Regional Student Convention & Spring Break

March 13-17

High school students will be attending the Convention next week.

They will be in Socorro during this time.

Students K-8th will be on Spring Break.

Preschool will be in session from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Please be sure to notify Ms. Carla if your child will not be attending during this week.

Regional Convention Students

Have a safe trip. May you meet new people, do well in your entries, and have fun.

RSC students will need to take breakfast and snack food with them.

They will be staying at Mr. & Mrs. Romero’s home. Big thank you to them for their hospitality and generosity.

RSC Visitors

There is a $5 visitor pass you may obtain when visiting the campus. Meal tickets may be purchased as well. Dress attire for visitors should meet convention regulations as well.

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